The subject of sustainability and conserving natural resources are the central features of our company philosophy and directly influence all of our business activities. We strong believe renewable energy is vital for present and future developments. We seek to meet the growing energy needs in a responsible and holistic manner, by balancing the economic, environmental and social needs of our stakeholders, steered by solid governance and ethical business practices. We work closely with our business partners who are as committed to sustainability and social responsibility as we are. As we continue on this journey, we welcome constructive feedback and dialogue at all times.


Concord is dedicated to continuously care for a cleaner environment and sustainable future. Thus, we are obliged to ensuring that each and every aspect of our operations have a minimal impact on the environment. We adopt clean technology principles and apply sustainable solution; above and beyond. Our biogas plants convert POME from the oil palm milling processes into green energy, which is renewable in nature, contrary to fossil fuel and also reduces emission of greenhouse gases.


Concord steps forward and serves the local community in which it operates and strives to make positive contributions to the community particularly in creating more local employment opportunities, helping the underprivileged and the less fortunate.

We strongly believe that in playing our role as a socially responsible corporate citizen, Concord creates business sustainability and enhances value for all its stakeholders.

We continue to care for the community by giving philanthropic support to various causes with particular emphasis on public education as well as other social contributions throughout the year.